It’s All About Me

Why Miss Jones! A bio-fluvial geomorphologist in the making, by the looks of it.

Hello and welcome to my show.

Entrance is free. We hope you smile widely, laugh a lot and share when you feel moved to do so. We politely ask you to turn off your mobile phones and refrain from rustling your sweet wrappers while the show is in progress.

I am a mamma of two wee witchlings, my gorgeous, funny, curious, force-of-nature girl, Beanie and my beautiful wee Bear, only two years old and already so complex and cheeky. I am Kitty-wiff to a mighty fine man, my adorable ‘hubble’, who keeps me sane (no mean feat in these strange post-natal times) and makes me laugh. A lot. It’s a good life though by no means always easy.

I am not a Buddhist. The Awakened Heart blog is however named after the buddhist state of Bodhichitta – which means ‘Awakened Heart-Mind’. The idea really spoke to me, as someone who longs to connect deeply and from the heart, but spends too much time trapped in her head. I wonder often what would it be like to live in the awakened heart-mind every day?

This mind of enlightenment is always available, in pain as well as in joy. And that is what I record – the pain as well as the joy. And, hopefully, a little of the pathway that unfolds as this complicated, passionate mamma moves towards her own awakened heart-mind.

So, if you like honesty, even when it’s raw; if you like real life even when it’s dirty and tired; if you like humour even if it’s dark or a bit naughty – then you will like me. And, more to the point, I will like you.

Please visit often, share your thoughts even if we disagree and feel free to tell your friends about me.

Kat of the Wild Heart


One thought on “It’s All About Me

  1. Hi Kat
    Greetings from Kenya! I can’t seem to your email address again, hence this post. . . Thanks so much for the darling Winter Fairy that I won via This Cosy Life a few months ago. I finally had a chance to take it along with us during the holidays. . . She’s lovely!

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