Dream A Little Dream

Leonie Dawson

Right now. As I write. I’m putting the call out to all Entrepreneurs, Mamas, Artists, Healers, Creative Souls, Dreamers and Women ready to shine!

I absotively, posolutely never do this but I really, really want to take the time to share this resource with you because it honestly is for something worthwhile. So, before you roll your eyes and back away slowly, take a look.

Leonie Dawson is a wonderful woman who created something amazing called The Goddess Circle. It’s a place where 20,000+ women learn and play and create and get excited about their lives every day and where they can access all the wisdom, tools and support they need to finally get to live their dreams. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Despite it’s name it is not, I promise you, just for the rainbow wearing, new age, overly gullible types who waft from room to room on a cloud of their own joyous juices. It is for women, like me, who dream of finding my ‘path with heart’ and being able to make a living following it.

Leonie has done with her life what many of us wish we could do with ours. AND she’s shared the hows and whys and everything she has learned along the way. Pretty generous, no?

Now I have no wish to refer to myself (now or at any time) as a ‘Goddess’ but I have paid up for my second year with the Goddess Circle because just the Business Goddess course is worth the paltry $99 I paid for another years membership. And just wait until you see all the other courses, audio courses, creativity courses, meditations and everything else you get included for FREE in that one tiny payment. Yup. It might seem like a lot of money until you actually go and look at everything you get. Seriously, I was quite taken aback when I joined. Two years on and I still haven’t taken advantage of everything she offers because she keeps adding more!

So, do yourself a favour – don’t be put off by the inital hippy-ness of it. Don’t be put off by the floweriness of the language sometimes. Leonie is in the process of shaking off the hippier elements of her website and making it more mainstream and more accessible to people who don’t use the word ‘Goddess’ like most people use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I had to get past all that too. But I am truly glad that I did.

Use this link or the ones above to take a look around and, if you like what you see, and are as blown away as I was by how little it costs for the whopping amounts of benefits, then you can use my affiliate link and sign up before the costs rise, which they are due to do on the 3rd of July. If you love it like I do, then using my link means I earn a little money (which as a stay at home mamma of two, is lovely so thank you,) and you get to finally get your dreams in motion with a little bit of help from a woman who has doubled her income every year for the last five! Call me shallow if you will but I know I’d like to do that.

Or if any of the links don’t work for some reason – copy & paste this link (http://tinyurl.com/cr4anv3) into your browser and have a poke around. (These are not spam pages, I cross my heart). See who else is there, what you can get for your moula, which of the many courses appeal to you, if any. If it’s not for you then the most you have lost is 15 minutes of your time. If you find something that grabs you, then sign up now before the price doubles (which it will on 3rd of July).

I hope you find something that you love and that Leonie inspires you, as she does me, to get out there and DREAM BIG. What’s the worst that can happen?

Enjoy, my friends.



Shamlessly Procrastinating

Well, here I am again after a long-ish absence, a result of the simple process of living and mothering and working and learning my new skills as a radio presenter for the darling community radio station up here in the trees – 3MDR 97.1FM. I’ve only been ‘on air’ since February and I’m enjoying it immensely but it does take up rather a lot of my (non-existent) spare time. Ah well.

I’m back primarily because my lovely friend, DocWitch, has inspired me to once more put fingers to keyboard and empty my overstuffed soul onto cyber page.

Life is somewhat (more) complicated at the moment due to my mother’s ill health and the prospect of having to find a sensible time space continuum to fly back home to the UK for at least 3 months if not 1-2 years. The inevitable crunch time is finally upon us and I find myself incapable (not for the first time) of making any decisions as they ALL involve discomfort to someone but most especially me. Like most daughters, spending more than 2 days in my mother’s company sends me fetal and requires serious post maternal visit therapy. I love her with all my lumpy, ill-used heart and would do anything for her. But I’m not sure I’d do that. Move home that is. The thought of spending more than a millisecond in Telford again sends me bleating back to my duvet with a stiff drink gripped betwixt my claws. I spent so long trying to get the hell out of there that I am, naturally, a little reticent to go back to do a 3 month long stretch – I simply don’t believe that my karma is that bad! Anyway, as flippantly as i sound, I am under huge amounts of stress to decide mine and my family’s (not to mention my businesses) futures. To complicate things further, we are currently trying for our second baby and I need to fly after my 1st trimester as I am unwilling to risk another miscarriage. And, Oh GOD, do I even need to mention the godawful flight? Australia to England – what a dreadful prospect. Especially as we finally flew over there at Christmas and are only now recovering full use of our ears and minds (and there is some debate about mine).

As if all of this isn’t enough, I am experiencing something of an existential crisis. The landscape of my spiritual journey is changing and is bringing with it the inevitable quesitons about who I really am, where I’m really going and why I’m in this handbasket.

My daughter has spent the last two friday nights in our local hospital emergency room for two (thankfully) different reasons. First trip was after she disappeared down the rabbit hole ala Alice in Wonderland and from which I had to pluck her ankles first. She was cut and bleeding and it was a bit surreal. i’m surprised I didn’t panic my arse off but I was relatively cool, calm and collected. Hospital visit took 5 hours and resulted in, well nothing actually. She was fine. The second visit was due to a very high temperature and a bout of uncontrollable shaking which distressed my poor wee bairn, which in itself is enough to have me heading for the nearest medical facility. Lily is a fantastic ill person (if you catch my drift), she is never distressed by illness and the fact that she was so last Friday was enough to have me grabbing my coat. I did phone my GP first (at 6pm), twice actually, and with increasing urgency. He finally got back to me at 11.40pm. He’d been to the Opera! It’s not that I mind my poor doctor having a social life, it’s that there is no system in place for passing the message on to another on call doctor when the call is obviously urgent but getting no response from doctor number one! Anyhoo, all was well in the end – we ended up home after a 4 hour wait. Here’s hoping this Friday consists of a large bar of chocolate and an episode or 5 of Scrubs.

Interesting tidbit of information: Yesterday my astrological calendar said the following: Scorpio Moon plus a flowing connection between Venus and Jupiter in Earth signs, tempts us to fully indulge in sensual and sexual delights. Well, without getting too personal, me and my man ended up enjoying some of those sensual and sexual delights (together) last night as we found ourselves strangely pulled towards intimacy and loving. Strangely because anyone with children will know how loving gets put on a back burner when you are sleep deprived and about as sexy as week old washing. Earlier that day I had finally constructed my baby altar to welcome in the new soul and found myself being drawn to the royal blue and purples of Jupiter and when I finally cleansed and consecrated the space for the new baby, my CD was playing Gabriel by Lamb. This is significant to me as it is the song I walked up the aisle to and for one other reason which I will keep to myself. My hubble, for his part, found himself listening to the love dedications radio programme on the drive home and arrived all bursting with romance and love for his Kitty Wiff and daughter. That wonderful tiny enchantress Peru (the singing woman) provided a sensual musical background that was so magical and so perfect that it must have been the work of unseen hands. True synchronisity in action. So, here’s hoping we will be welcoming the latest member of the AH clan in a mere 9 months time.

Best get myself off to bed now. All this writing is destracting me from the fact that I am, in fact, utterly exhausted. Still, it feels good to empty my busy head and I’ll try and make this a regular visit from now on.

Namaste and may all your dreams be naughty ones…