Oooh Look! Something Shiny…

Pocket Detail

Pocket Detail

Well, if you are anything like me, those are the things that distract the most – shiny, pretty things that make your little heart go pitter pat. I’ve been getting mighty distracted recently, let me tell you. At least it’s creative distraction – or that’s what I tell myself anyway.

I am in deep with Pinterest. Seriously. If they were loan sharks, I’d be quadruply  screwed and about to wear some seriously heavy (and unattractive) boots underwater. I cannot seem to drag myself away from all the shiny pretty things that other people pin and that make me go ‘Ooooh! Must. Make. (Be. Do. Bake). That! Worse is that I have friends on Pinterest who have wonderful taste and every time they pin something, well, I simply must repin it. I LOVE Pinterest with the giddy passion of someone who goes all limp and drools with ecstasy at the mere sight of a free tutorial. I have THOUSANDS of pins. As my hubble likes to continually point out. His favourite question is, “When are you actually going to get around to using these pins?” And that’s a fair point. But the truth is that I DO use them. All the time. I cook from them, bake from them, make pretty clothese from them. And to prove that I am not simply just a slack-jawed mouth breather who does no more than grin inanely at the screen pressing, ‘Pin It’ at regular intervals – I created a board especially for things I have actually made from my pins. That should shut the hubble up nicely, especially as some of those pins are food related. Nobody can rag on you with their mouth full.

So – do check out what I have been doing and what I think of the things that I have tried. It’s really pin-teresting… har de har har. Here’s the wee linky:

I won’t reveal exactly how long it took me to get back to this page after I left to get the above link. It’s too embarrassing. Instead I will give you a link to the tutorial I used to make the above skirt. Go here if you like it enough to make one for your own wee girlie. The pocket was from the Market Skirt tutorial at MADE. I recommend her site too. She’s a genius!

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a fair bit of repurposing. I finally got around to cutting up and making something funky with my favourite (accidentally felted) striped wool jumper. The wee Bear now has funky new trews to dance in.

Stripey Bum

Stripey Bum

Funky Front

Funky Front

I swear, he’s not possessed. Just camera flare. Honest.

The jumper also made a couple of cosy winter hats for the kidlets and I even managed to create a little flower out of the leftovers to decorate Beanies hat. I’ll try and get photo’s of them wearing their hats soon. It’s certainly getting towards that kind of cold up here. I’ve extended the legs of a favourite pair of Beanie’s dungarees, so she can wear them without discomfort and I’ve added an extra couple of inches to one of her denim skirts, so that she can wear it a bit longer. Now that I know how to do this kind of stuff, I can see myself never having to throw things away again. That could get messy.

Beanie, Bear and I also spent some time dipping the beautiful autumn leaves in beeswax (to preserve their colour) and hanging them up in our dining room. They make quite the pretty garland and I can chalk up another thing from my pins to my ‘done it’ board. Good Kitty.

Knitting wise I’m busy working Beanie’s Nova dress. I would have been close to doing the sleeves by now but unfortunately, I made a mistake and had to unpick several inches of knitting, a now familiar pastime for this rookie knitter. I will eventually re-pick up my tea leaves cardigan and figure out what the hell I did wrong – or, you know, frog it completely and start again. There’s always that option. I’m also about to start on the Hudson Hat from Ravelry. It’s too cute (and too cold) for my boy to go about hatless and I have just the loveliest wool, so there will no doubt be pictures ad nauseum about that when its complete.

So I’ll leave you with these shiny pretties and be on my way. I’ve been up since around 4.30am doing the resettling sleep thing with Bear. He seems to think that 4.30am is a perfectly good time to get up and want breakfast. I disagree.

Until next time.


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