That’s right.

Blogger is still not responding to my many requests to sort out the issue with not being able to post photographs from my computer, which means I have been missing out on posting my ‘This Moment’ shots. And I can’t update you with all the fun things we’ve been doing or my most recently completed crafty bits.

It’s all very frustrating actually. So, I’ve been proactive and I have set myself up a new blog account with WordPress who, rumour has it, has a VERY responsive customer service forum. Unlike Blogger who seem to spend most of their time half helping or ignoring me. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. There seems to have been a few people with this same issue and yet, here it still is. The above photo was from my blog, so it didn’t have to ‘upload’ as such. This is what they look like when they come from my computer:

So – not good then.

It’s a shame really. I’ve really enjoyed posting here and I hate to have to move, especially because it’s a hassle for anyone who follows me to have to move too. And I suspect that a fair few people just won’t. Life is too short and all that. So, why don’t you go visit now and sign up for the newer, better, brighter Awakened Heart and be the first to follow me into a brave new wordpress world. If you want to that is. Don’t feel pressured. I understand. You have a busy life and so many blogs to follow…


It is ME we’re talking about, right?

I’m kinda funny and sincere and occasionally a bit deep.

My photography is a bit wonky but it’s real. A lot like me.

And I would LOVE you come and see me and play and let me know what’s happening for you. I’m only over here. 

It’s not very far to go. And there WILL be photos. Honest Injun.

So. Um. Will ya? Please? I don’t want to end up a giant ‘Billy no mates’, twiddling my virtual thumbs and talking to myself. Again.

I’ll be there to say ‘Hi’ and give you a warm hug. Sorta.

Ahem. (cough, cough). So, bye for now then.

See ya (I hope).


Kitty Kat Spangles

So, I’ll leave you for now and hope that Blogger finds the time and energy to at least look at the problem and in the meantime, I’ll go play with WordPress.

Ho Hum.


7 thoughts on “MOVING MY BLOG

  1. Hi Kat, sorry to hear you have had to move because blogger has been a fat lot of no help for you. I use wordpress and like it. Hope you do too. Just check your link above, I noticed it has an ‘s’ after http, so it won’t redirect properly. I noticed after I clicked it that this was the case. Hope you and the kiddos have been well? We must catch up again. It’s been way too long and I think we are finally all well and ready to re enter society, well to a point anyway. Jacinta x

  2. Of course I’d follow you to the end of cyberspace! 😉 Glad you’ve found a new home, better suited to your beautiful photos, words and inspiration. (booooo blogger!)

  3. Hi Kat,
    Found you! Thanks for the link. And thank you for your stories. THey are great and I would like to feature both of them in the coming weeks!! With a link to here of course… so hopefully others will find you again too! Talk soon. Amber

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