Beskow Bonanza!

The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskow

Well, never let it be said that I don’t share. Valarie over at Jump Into A Book is hosting a mammoth Elsa Beskow Book Giveaway. Yes. You could be the proud recipient of 19, that’s right 19, Elsa Beskow beauties. I am so in!

Alls you have to do is to go and leave a comment on her post about the giveaway, if you’d like to win these lovely books for your little childers. I LOVE Elsa Beskow though she is quite hard to come by here in Australia. I do have one or two of her stories and The Sun Egg is such a sweet, sweet book. Anyway, hop on over there because you have to be in it, to win it!

In other news, I have been crafting away like something deranged. So expect another post shortly, with piccies from recent swaps and piccies of my recent ‘making’ wonky seams and all.

Now shoo!


4 thoughts on “Beskow Bonanza!

  1. Beanie books are lovely aren't they? We have a few – the aunt green, aunt brown and aunt lavender books are faces of Moon's. What a giveaway! 19 books. My word. I'd definitely enter that if my girl was a wee bit younger. Looking forward to seeing the results of your craft frenzy! I do love a show and tell. Xx

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