February in Review

February in Review

This is my first month in review but I was inspired by Mon over at Holistic Mamma to start doing this little exercise. I think it fits perfectly in with the whole ‘nourishment’ thing I’m doing. It will give me a chance to see how things are changing and where I’m at with it all. So here goes…

February began with our last two days of camping. After 21 years of skillfully avoiding sleeping in the Great Outdoors – I was lured into it by a new tent and a lovely camp site. Now I’m bloody hooked!

A thought…
I spend way too much money.
A sound…
The sound of me biting my tongue.
A taste…
Fresh organic rasberries (it’s Summer here!)

An image…
Doesn’t it look like he’s serenading her?

A scent…

Fresh Sea Air baby! (And coffee…mmmm coffee).
A word… (anything word related)Ow! (sunburn and bull ants!)
A touch…
My little bear sleeping in my arms.
A gift for me…
Discovering what nourishes me. 
A post you may have missed…
Nourish Me


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