I Think My Cat Is Trying To Kill Me

Belladonna – The Evil Mastermind of My Imminent Demise
It’s all true.
Late last night I took a trip downstairs. Literally.
In the dim light from the bathroom door, teapot and empty ice cream container in hand, (ahem), I opened up the stair gate (safety first don’t you know), stepped upon a strangely hairy, squashy and suddenly rapidly moving step and… fell down the rest of them onto the slate floor. 
Miraculously neither I nor the teapot were broken
What I said is unrepeatable. You would go to hell just for listening to it.
The cat escaped unharmed.
For now.
So, if you don’t hear from me for a while. Call 000, claim foul play and blame the cat.
It was most definitely not suicide.
*Photo by Bayat on Flickr

4 thoughts on “I Think My Cat Is Trying To Kill Me

  1. Phew. So glad Bella escaped unscathed! hehe. I do find it hard to think of that sweet, chubby furball plotting and scheming your demise, but then again, give most cats 10 minutes alone with a corpse and they'll start in on the face-munching…

  2. Gorgeous cat…probably now talking to her lawyers… 'I caught the scent of ice cream and was waiting to get some when I was wilfully trodden on…'I'd press charges on a count of intention to kidnap ice cream and lying in wait with intention to ambush said ice cream.All that aside, I am glad you are undamaged and that kids have had an early education into exactly what bad language is!

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