Nourish Me:: Week Four – Random Acts of Kindness

This week I have been pulling from the deep well of nourishment that is giving to others. As much as I need to nourish and take care of myself, I have found, quite unexpectedly, that giving to those in need brings a smile to my heart.

Quirky and whimsical wee bunnies.

As I mentioned in my previous post on Craft Hopemy girlfriends and I have been busily making up our birthing kits for the midwives in Haiti. We had a few hiccups to overcome, not the least of which was two of us have babies to lug around with us (and older kids in school/kinder) and the other one being a very busy working lass with a new business to cherish and grow! Still, apart from the joy of crafting (and it is a joy), it was a wonderful excuse to spend some time with two lovely women and catch up, have a giggle and still manage to do something for those in need.

Beautiful totes created by our gal Tracey

Some of the other little question marks with our kits were:
Are we allowed to send ORANGE drop sheets (yup, couldn’t get the clear ones anywhere local!) and would they mind if they were a bit bigger than the suggested size? We figured that it might be helpful if they were. We certainly hope so.

Will they let us post the hand sanitizer as it apparently has ethanol in it. This might cause a kerfuffle with customs apparently. We sent it anyway as it is so important. Let’s hope the Gods decide to let our box through without inspection!

Will they mind the big bars of soap as we couldn’t find the little ones?

Would my cashmere bunnies be too fluffy for the newbies? They are so cute and soft and lemony but they are a bit fluffy. I’m hoping they will be alright for the little ones to cuddle and love. Laura did such a good job embroidering the faces – so cute!

Receiving blankets  – all finished and so soft!

I have to say though, that the nicest part of this whole experience was how it left me feeling. I felt good about doing something that didn’t benefit me in any way but that was so important to someone else. These kits will save lives – newborn’s and their mother’s – that’s an awesome feeling to take away from this. I CAN make a difference and hopefully, despite the quirks with our kits, we WILL!

The kit all bagged and tagged and ready to go! Cute bear made by Tracey.

The girls got a bit of a shock when they came to post our offerings. It cost a whopping $160 to post our boxes to America to be sent on to Haiti. Yikes! That was really the only downside of this particular project. Australia is so far away from America that postage really stings. But then, this just happened to be a particularly hefty project. Lots of their other stuff isn’t, so don’t let our experience of postage put you off. We shared the cost between the three of us and, like I said, it feels good to be helping. Anyway, isn’t life priceless? It is to me.

The all important contents of the kits.

Unbelievably, just these few items save lives: Rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, a drop sheet, 3 pieces of string (for tying off the umbilical chord), alcohol wipes, a bar of soap(!) and the little extras that make it truly special – a soft toy and a beautiful snuggly receiving blanket.

So – I’ve been walking about with a big smile on my face because of a few hours spent gossiping, giggling and eating delicious food (thanks Laura!) for a good cause. If any of you are the least bit crafty, get on over to Craft Hope and take part. I promise you it will be the best thing you do this year.

And on that simple note, I leave you with two more things to make your heart smile.

Check this out because it made me go, ‘awww’.


Check this out for ways to put a smile on someone’s face.

Don’t forget to let me know what you guys are up to with the whole nourishment thang by leaving a comment and providing a link to your post. And don’t forget to link back.

Hope you have a fantabulous week.

*All photographs taken by Laura of Warmth and Light. Good Job lady!


4 thoughts on “Nourish Me:: Week Four – Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Beautiful job! These bags will be such a blessing to those who receive them. And thanks for sharing the video, which really did make my heart smile (and my eyes tear up a lil bit. lol) Love your blog!

  2. I serve on the women's health committe and the board of Konbit Sante and want to extend my sincere thanks for your participation in our safe birthing kits project. These kits are just beautiful, and I cannot WAIT to begin distributing them to the trained birth attendants. What kindness and sisterhood for women and babies who deserve a better start. And your are making that a reality! Please visit to learn more about our many health and infrastructure projects in Haiti.

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