Life Up Close

The Cheshire Cat
Beanie, Finn and I spent the day at the beach in Frankston admiring the wonderful sand sculptures. The theme this year was ‘Creepy Crawlies’, but I just so loved the Cheshire Cat’s grin. I have added a few more piccies of the day because there really was just an abundance of things to grin at.
Bed Bugs

Lair of the Spider Goddess

A tribute to Tim Burton (obviously!)

Gorgeous Tree Spirit – reminds me of the ones from The Lord of the Rings

The Flea Circus 
We had a grand old time which included Beanie careering down the longest, highest slides she had ever been on (and which had, not seconds previously, frightened a 10 year old!) with the hugest grin on her face. 
That’s my girl. Adventurous little boggwoppit that she is. Love it!
Back to blog the nourishment in the next day or two.

4 thoughts on “Life Up Close

  1. They're bloody impressive sand sculptures aren't they? I'm so impressed by that sort of thing. Dig the Tim Burton homage.And I cheered for that boggwoppit of yours! She has cajones aplenty that one!

  2. Those are some amazing sculptures! However, I have to say my favourite picture is the one of your daughter. Her grin just lights up the picture.Then you used the word the boggwoppit which I havent heard in years and I was just sat here grinning like a loon myself.Love you blog. 🙂

  3. goodness, there's some talented creative folks out there! I love those sculptures, and the medium really appeals to me, being oh so fragile and transient (and easy to stomp on!) The Cheshire cat's smile has always been more intriguing to me than Mona Lisa's…Go Beanie, you adventurous spriteling! Just about to do my nourish post, and very much looking forward to yours (no doubt camping-centred?) xx

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