30 Days of Happiness Days Eight & Nine

Here I am again. Seeking out the little things that make me smile, that make me feel tremendously grateful for my life and for all the joy I have available to me.

Today’s Big Happy is the results of my maternal serum tests. I am (despite my geriatric age in pregnancy terms) in the low risk spectrum for Downs Syndrome! As I would have seriously considered having an amnio this time if the results had been different, I feel pretty happy about that. The risk is the same as that of a much younger woman. Gotta feel pretty happy about that too really! So – as far as we can tell (and we are prepared to trust the Gods on this one), our bubsy is going to be a healthy, happy little bubba not unlike our little Beanie. This also means that the hubble (who has been dying to spill the beans to friends and work colleagues for the last two weeks) can FINALLY tell everyone his wife is up the duff.

My wee girl is on a trip to the Botanical Gardens with her Auntie Elaine and Uncle Pam at the moment, so I have some rare and enjoyable time to myself. I can’t help but have minor anxiety about her being without me all day though. I know it’s silly, my sister is perfectly capable of keeping her safe but I’m just this way inclined. It will no doubt change with the arrival of the new baby and more responsibility. It’s just I know how quick she is and how just a fraction of a second of distraction can be all it takes for something to happen. Ah the joys of nervous motherhood! She will have a lovely time, lots of fresh air and tons of attention. What could be better for a small fry eh?

A lovely clean kitchen is another thing making me smile, especially as I didn’t have to clean it! i’ve also been enjoying the early mornings in our little inside/outside porch bit. The sun streams in there in the morning making it the warmest place in the house and with my new lovely armchairs and our little wooden table (op-shopped for a bargain!), it’s just lovely and quiet and still and meditative. The view is across gardens blooming with flowers and trees coming into big leafy green displays. It’s just glorious – even with a 3 yr old climbing all over my lap and shuggling my tea! My sister has taken to joining me and we’ve had many happy conversations there this week.

Anyhoo, it’s time for a little lie down, so I’ll see y’all tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Happiness Days Eight & Nine

  1. Ah that's good news about your tests darlin'. And I'm surprised the Beanie hasn't already gone into hubble's work and announced your news to the entire building! hee…And a cuppa tea and an armchair are happy things indeed. But even happier than a clean kitchen is a self-cleaning kitchen. I can dream can't I?

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