30 Days of Happiness – Day Three

The wonderful Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama. I love this image of him. It so cheeky, like he was caught out by a really good joke.

Well, it’s my day off today, so that’s something to be happy about. My Beanie-girl is at her Nanna’s for the day, (no doubt maintaining her worm farm and planting potatoes), while I prepare our home for incoming. My sister and her (very verbose and ‘hyper’ friend) are arriving this evening, for a stay of 3-4 weeks. Whilst I am looking forward to some time with my sister and will no doubt enjoy meeting her friend, I am also bracing myself for a break in the peace and quiet I have been enjoying recently. I’m not good with constant noise and I hate constant talking for the sake of it. My family is very, very good at talking and absolutely terrible at listening. In fact, the reason we are so very good at talking is probably because there has never been a lull in the conversation long enough for any of us to actually be heard. It’s all about who is the loudest and who can keep going the longest. So, if my beloved sister describes her friend as ‘talkative’ I can pretty much guarantee that she is going to be a handful. Oh dear Lord.

Still, it’s good to meet new people and the nice bit about having visitors is that they keep me in ‘good parent’ mode. I am definitely a better parent when other people are watching, LOL. They will also provide entertainment for my extremely active toddler AND my sisters friend is Indian, so she wants to spend her time with us cooking traditional Indian dishes. I am ALL up for that. I LOVE Indian food and have very fond memories of Masal Dosa’s for brekkie and lovely veggie curries and naan at night, when we were travelling through there. Yummo.

I have spent all morning emptying our closets and preparing bed’s in our study/spare room (which has recently been revamped) and in our living room. They look pretty comfy considering. Excellent score of the week was the discovery of three packs of double bed sized, fresh, white cotten sheets for the bargain price of $5 the lot. They must have been in someone’s attic for years because the packaging is vintage and the price was a supermarket sticker of $2.50 each! I even put out fresh towels and flannels on the end of the bed, like hotels do. It made me smile.

Interestingly enough, I have had two different pictures of the Dalai Lama come to me in the past week. I have always loved him. I refer to him as Daddy Dalai. My dad was so far from ideal I thought I would choose my own. He is it. Anyway, the two pics came at the same time as a reminder that the Dalai Lama would be in Australia in December for a series of talks.

Happy making is also finally getting excited about having a little someone small enough to fit into a pair of these. Now if I can just bribe someone to crochet them for me…


One thought on “30 Days of Happiness – Day Three

  1. Ahhh…days off soooo gooood. I had myself one of those today. Sigh. I'm catching up on all your days of 'appiness, and loving it enough to be inspired to do it meself!Sounds like a lot of activity (and yakking) headed your way m'dear! Do I get to meet yo sis then?And that vid…hehehehe. Um I know this is really strange, but it made me a bit horny. Er…it must be the potent combination of laughter and dance. Or something. Ok. Me go now.

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