30 Days of Happiness – Days Two, Three, Four & Five

Reasons to be cheerful parts two, three, four and five.

Well what a lovely few days its been.

On Wednesday we caught the best of the spring weather with friends down at Mount Eliza and spent a happy two hours on the beach with the small fry. Beanie, being entirely unbothered by sub zero aquatic temperatures, waded into the freezing water up to her kneecaps. I would like to just point out here that the water in Melbourne is freezing even on days of 40+.

Lily and BFF Lana surprise the water with their cheeky barefootedness.

It was a glorious day – one of the best I can remember recently. We spent ALL day outside in the beautiful spring sunshine moving from beach to lunch to park to a different park and finally, with much resistance from my deliriously tired child, home.

Also making me delirously happy this week is the fact that my daughter is finally potty trained.

YAY! simply does not cover it. Think of something super exciting, possibly with a loud and prolonged squeal attached, and then multiply it by 1000 and that’s where I’m at. The joy I feel is slightly more than my dark lusty thoughts about Ryan Reynolds. You will note that she is wearing knickers in the above pictures. We’ve had a few minor accidents and one major incident which I have tried diligently to wipe from my memory, but apart from that, my girl is going great guns. When caught short outside she simply informed me that she would ‘squat down here like a dog.’ We don’t have a dog. Should I be worried?

She is adorable, no?

I love the beach. I think I love it almost as much as my gorgeous beanie-girl. It’s so nice to look forward to spending more time down there now that the weather is starting to get warmer.
Mamma and me – wellies

We’ve also been getting creative in the kitchen. We made gingerbread men from a Steiner snack book recipe (using molasses and honey instead of sugar) – they turned out yummilicious and we then attacked them with a huge amount of glitter gel. As you can see, we got a tiny bit carried away. Ok, I did. Still, it was funny and the gel is surprisingly tasty for something that contains almost no natural ingredients!

Our culinary masterpieces in all their…um…glory.

Also making me happy these past few days is:
Deciding to have another baby.
Discovering new artists including the delicious Bearkat
Buying some cute new swimmers for my baby girl – I may have gone a little bit overboard but damn it she’s going to look so lovely when we disappear off to Hamilton Island for five days for a friends wedding. Something else that is making me very happy.
My new funkadelic glasses (photo to come) made me quite smiley. Yes, it’s true, my left eye went and got middle aged on me. The right one is a little annoyed to be honest. Still, when I put them on I could suddenly see more clearly. Guess that’s the proof in the proverbial pudding innit.
Just watched the second series of Flight of the Conchords and yup, it’s just as fandabbydosy as the first. Some highlights for me were sugalumps and epileptic dogs.

And finally, a kiss is not a contract – remember that ladies.

Oh those cheeky boys.


8 thoughts on “30 Days of Happiness – Days Two, Three, Four & Five

  1. heheeh…so many goodies here! A day on the beach…ah I miss that. And the Beanie is loving it there isn't she?And well done Beanie on the potty! Woohoo!I'd love to check out your new glasses! Think I need a new prescription, and some new frames are probably in order too.I'd love that Gingerbread Person, (hehe) recipe if I may.And that's lovely about your baby decision – I'm still really struggling with coming to a decision about that myself. Talk about working through it! Enough already. I'd love to chat to you some more about that sometime if you're willing. Get your perspective on fings.Oh- and isn't 'Sugarlumps' just the business? We're singing that a lot around our house at the moment. With the moves. Which is more than a bit wrong really.

  2. Well, well, well. I pop my head back in your world, and find much to Woo Hoo!! about. Have we ever chosen the right time to come visit this Sat. Love your Days of Happiness, and you and Beanie seem radiantly bursting with joy, indeed. So good to see. I beam. I do. Can we dance together, and unfurl, stomp and extend all we are this week? happy sigh. Can't wait. May there be many more joyous delights for you and yours, m'love. xx

  3. She means squatting like the dog you don't know you're going to get her yet!!!Glad you're all happy to the point that you have forgotten labour pains and are ready to go through it all again…!!!Funkadelic glasses sound great. When I was big enough to want something more stylish than the NHS glasses I had, I wanted Lennon glasses and sort of very nearly got them too.I picture you in Dame Edna glasses with the diamante eyelashes… don't know why, but darlin' you'd look fab!

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