30 Days of Happiness – Day One

Reasons to be cheerful part one.

Today’s Happy is Dancing the Body Ecstatic

Attending a two and a half hour dance/moving meditation class on a Sunday morning. Yes, I did indeed go and stretch forth my mind, body and spirit. It took a while for the seed to begin to poke her head out of the lovely rich soil in which she has been hibernating/hiding these past long years but when she did…boy oh boy was that fun.

I don’t have a photograph of the class, so this rather saucy stripey-legged picture of Rachel Brice, tribal belly dancer extraordinaire, will have to represent my ecstatic dance experience. I will be going back for more. Oh yes indeedy.

And there’s more…

To fuel my body and give me a reason to barefoot it (not to mention the skippety skip and jazz hands) around the house, I have ordered the divine CD Beats Antique by Tribal Derivations. Check it out at www.lastfm.com for all that’s good about tribal belly dance music. Mmmmm it’s heavenly, particularly the title track ‘Derivation’ – all sultry goodness. Plus LastFM is the best place to find new music. So far I’ve discovered three new artists that I love. Good times abound.

This post is part of my second year of ’30 Days of Happiness’ blogging. Given how Joni Mitchell Blue I have been on and off recently, I was looking for a reason to focus on all the things that are good in my life and, as usual, BlueBirdBaby came up with the goods. If you’d like to get in on the Happiness action, go visit Erin and leave a comment asking to jump on board, then get posting. You’ll get a link to your blog and to your Happiness Posts from her blog. Plus, you get to meet her – one of the coolest chicks in blogland.

ps. If you think that dancing is just for skinny chicks, take a look at the vintage belly dancers postcard below…

Love it.


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