Photo Meme #2

The Red Tent (as created by me for The Divine Feminine).

As I’m not feeling particularly inspired or inspiring today. In fact I’m out of everything today – energy, patience, cheerfulness. You name it, I’m all out. So, I thought I’d play a game and create a Meme. I’ve called it Meme 2 because I have a vague recollection of creating one before but I could be wrong. It’s the best I can come up with right now and I thought I’d make it a ‘Meme’ for want of something better to do with it. So here tis.

I’ve called it The Omen (666):

Go to the 6th folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same, linking back to the person who tagged you.

Here goes my offering – it’s called ‘One Sophisticated Dinner Party’

This combination of photo’s was taken by various members of said sophisticated dinner party during a little experiment I like to call ‘Rubber Face’. To play rubber face, you must shake your head vigorously from side to side and get someone else to attempt to take a picture of the results. You can also vary and further add to the game by also playing the additional arm known as ‘Trout Pout’. Here you simply put your lips together and, well, not so much ‘blow’ as make a ‘brrrrr’ sound using your lips not your tongue. Again, have someone with a camera handy to record the unnerving results.

Yes. This is as sophisticated as our dinner parties get. No deep and meaningful conversations for us. No. We play Rubber Face, Trout Pout and, occasionally, Cranium.

*NB: The other members of this photograph have asked not to be identified for reasons of shame and embarrrasment. That’s right. Embarrrasment with 3 ‘rs’. Thank you.

While we are here, why don’t we also play ‘May The ‘Fours’ Be With You’. Similar idea to The Omen game above.

Go to the fourth folder in your photo archive, select the fourth picture in it and then write about it. Tag 4 other people to do the same, linking back to the person who tagged you.

Again, here’s my burnt offering.

* Mamma and Me

This photo was taken after a birthday night out for me and my mum. Our birthday’s are 6 days apart and my wedding anniversary falls in the middle of her birthday and mine. We had been to this local Hungarian restaurant and had the most wonderful (comfort) food and a few glasses of vino and had trundled back to our house for a cuppa before bed.

My little Beanie-girl was only 8 weeks old at the time and in other photo’s taken at the restaurant, she can be seen sleeping peacefully in her bassinette next to me in our booth. Mum had flown from the UK to meet her first ever (blood) grandaughter and namesake (Lily’s middle names are Charlott MacDonald after my mum and our scottish clan). As a birthday treat mum had bought me the entire outfit I was wearing and it was the first non-maternity outfit I had been able to wear – even if it does show off the baby belly a bit. I still have the outfit and I still wear it.

My mum is very cute.

I tag the following people.

Moonroot, DocWitch, Griffin, Sara, Mon,and Erin,

So that’s it. I look forward to reading your offerings and to peeping into some quiet (shameful) corner of your lives. Feel free to spread the love (shame, embarrassment, fear) around. Oh and for those of you who prefer to remain anonymous, simply edit the picture and hide your face or feel free to chose a picture that you are not in.


4 thoughts on “Photo Meme #2

  1. Hmm, you are assuming that I have photos of me mates on computer and that the sixth folder is a photo one…!!! Oh alright I’ll try it out… not sure which six blogsters I can find, but I’ll have a go.Sorry you’re all out of cheerfulness, I prescribe choccy and or a glass of chilled wine with a certain docwitch. Doctor Griffin have spoke.

  2. You have gorgeous photos there! Very impressive tent, it’s utterly sublime. And very clever of you. The photo of you and your mum is adorable – she is a sweet woman. And I loved her energy when I met her. I just did this meme.

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