The Happy Heart

Well, I hardly know what to say actually. Not something that is usually a problem for me. The lovely Moonroot has nominated me for an ‘I Love Your Blog’ award and I’m very touched. It is wonderful to know that someone reads my waffling and likes it! Anyway, thank you Moonroot for your kind words about my blog and for nominating me for this award. I’d like to thank my mother for having me, my management company and of course God…


The Rules for those receiving an award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog
2. Link the person you received the award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours
5. Leave a message on the blogs nominated

Now I’d like to do some nominating of my own.

There are a couple of blogs that really do warm the cockles of my soft little heart and these are:

1. DocWitch at Dark Side of the Broom, whose posts are funny, smart and with just enough wildness to make me love her more with every read. I am addicted.

2. Erin at BlueBirdBaby Her blogs have inspired me many, many times and I adore her unbridled creativity and shining, happy spirit. Any woman who can juggle motherhood and creativity gets my vote!

3. Jessica MacBeth at Sings to Coyotes, because she just tickles me. And how much do I love the title of that blog!

4. Rema at The Hermitage
(thanks Moonroot!) because she lives in Scotland (pang), she has a cool earth sprite wagon and because she appeals to my wild gypsy heart. Plus talented or what?

5. Terri Windlings Studio beautiful artwork – mythic and moving. Love it.

6. Kitchen Witch – cos I have a soft spot in my heart for other witchypoo’s. Especially smart ones.

7. Inside a Black Apple because I have craft envy.

8. A Goddess in the Kitchen because she’s funny and cooks and has 5 kids and still manages to do, well, anything… plus she’s a tiny bit ranty sometimes and I secretly like that.

Well, I hope that you’ll check out these other wonderful blogs. I’ll check in again later. Off to spend some quality time with my bubsy.


4 thoughts on “The Happy Heart

  1. That is so lovely! Lovely that you have been nominated – so very deservedly – and lovely that you have nominated my blog too…thankyou so much! I’m really thrilled by that, xxxx

  2. Hello and thank you very much for your kind award 🙂 Pleased to meet you and glad you enjoyed your wander at my blog. I will be back to peruse some more! Best wishesRima

  3. Have a look at also. The countryside around there is beautiful as the cats know only too well.I’m a Rima fan too… there is something wonderful going on in the hedgerows and she is definitely a part of it!

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