Snotterbox and the Villainous Lurgy

Yes indeed. It seems that it’s not only DocWitch that has been afflicted with the evil lurgy. Alas the House of AH has been visited by the Pox Fairy also and we are currently snoring, snorting, snotting and overheating in equal measure. Poor Beanie has been worst afflicted. She had a temperature of 40.6 last night and a nose that dripped into her mouth almost all the time that she was upright. She also has the hacking phlegmy cough of a $2 hooker. When my beanie is sick she will not let me leave her side and last night this meant that she was sandwiched inbetween my hubble and me in our big bed trying not to spontaneously combust with the reflected heat of our two bodies plus our 13.5 tog winter duvet from the UK (where they know about cold). We did not sleep. We tossed, turned, snotted, coughed, neurofenned, cried, snored and demanded water at regular intervals all night. At 6am my poor knackered hubble carried our sweaty little bundle of bung into the kitchen for a spot of sultana bran and let me disappear into the delicious oblivion of sleep for a couple of hours. He is SuperDad, and I love him.

This morning, with a surprisingly chipper little snotterbox, we crafted and painted the morning away. She then demanded some biccies and ‘Ya Ya’ whilst brandishing a homemovie of herself from aged 9 to 18months. She proceeded to eat said biccie whilst intermittently shouting ‘mamma’ ‘daddn’ and ‘yaya’ at the TV. Here are a couple of her recent accomplishments.

Horsey Horsey

Why did the Chicken?

Now if I could just convince her that the paints are not, in fact, made by Max Factor, we’d be getting somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Snotterbox and the Villainous Lurgy

  1. Beautiful Beanie art! She’s very prolific! Gorgeous face painting too. So sorry to hear that you are all suffering from the dreaded lurgy. It’s completely rotten, and so, I hope you are able to show it the door as quickly as possible. Poor Beanie – it’s such a fearful thing when these Little Things have soaring temps. I hope you are all on the mend. Hugs.

  2. Doing much better thanks.Temperature is normalising thank God but the snot has turned green alas and keeps on a coming!Still with the hacking cough also. We slept today from 12.20 until 4.15pm – that’s how sleep deprived everyone has been and how poorly the wee thing is. Ahhh. Hope you are feeling better too hon.

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