30 Days of Happiness – Day 20

Happiness is…

My local Art Gallery’s Aboriginal Art Exhibition – Burrinja Gallery in Upwey

Bush Medicine by Gloria Petyarre

Gloria lived in Utopia, NT and was a Medicine Woman.

This was my absolute favourite picture. It felt alive with spirit – there was a definite sense of movement inside the painting and I was very drawn to it. It may not translate well here because I had to take a picture with flash but it looks like millions of tiny white feathers. Not what you would expect of traditional aboriginal art at all. Brilliant.

Kunarlaku – Spirit Woman by Eva Nganjmirra from Arnem Land, NT

Just such a powerful creatress figure. Spirit Woman indeed!

Fish & Leaves by Lin Onos

Sorry that its so hard to see. The lights glared off the canvas a bit but it really is stunning up close. So beautiful and such a wonderful sense of depth in the water. Really extraordinary.

Happiness is also doing my last show for 3MDR. I had fun. On the spur of the moment I picked up a local artist, Gabby, at the gallery today whose beautiful exhibition was on the journey of pregnancy and motherhood and is officially opening on Sunday 27th July. It’s well worth going to see and I was in love with some of her rubenesque sculpture.

I also had a major score at a local Op shop, so really, all in all, it was a VERY good day.


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