30 Days of Happiness – Day 3


The house of my dreams. The house where they filmed Practical Magic.

Kim Novak from Bell, Book & Candle – one of my favourite movies. She is one foxy witch.

Once Upon A Time by Ben on Flickr

Standard witch wear by Boopsie.daisie on Flickr

Kate Bush – one of my all time favourite singers.

Every home should have one.

Of Darksome Night and Shining Moon – photo by Tim Hartridge go here to find out more about what he does and to see some more of his amazing photography.

I feel that this will be a subject to which I return many, many times.


One thought on “30 Days of Happiness – Day 3

  1. Yo sis! Oh my Kat! These are all my fave things too! The house in Practical Magic is one I drool over. I want it. Maybe if we find one of those we can share it, (it would certainly be large enough for a couple of families to lose each other in).Kate Bush, stripey tights…everything. We are spookily alike in these things. Love these images. Yum.

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